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Nový Smíchov

Nový Smíchov is a very modern shopping centre in the city of Prague that offers us never ending possibilities at the time of shopping. If we visit its webpage we can find various discount promotions and other surprises to enjoy the best shopping centre.


In this shopping centre we can find fashion and everything related to dressing well, like shoe shops, fashion accessories, perfumes and jewelry, as well as pretty design shops where we´ll find items for the house and atmosphere decoration.


There are also some technology, IT and photography shops among others and that´s why this shopping centre is more complete than other that just have fashion shops.


Walking through Nový Smíchov is a good plan for a rainy afternoon in the city of Prague, or for when you don´t want to stick to just the cultural and historical attractions of the city. Here you´ll find a good place to relax and be calm for a few hours.



Rent apartments in Prague and when you want to go and buy something nice, visit Nový Smíchov. Later, go and see the city in its entirety because it´s one of the most beautiful in the world.