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Shopping in the Golden Mile of Madrid

On par with Fifth Avenue in New York or London´s Oxford Street, the Golden Mile of Madrid is one of the most chic and luxury areas of the capital and boasts dozens of stores with the leading brands and an elegant ambient. That’s the Salamanca district, in particular the pentagon of the Golden Mile formed by Serrano, Jorge Juan, Juan Bravo, Ortega y Gasset and Principe de Vergara streets. The most important companies in the world are concentrated in this place where fashion is a lifestyle.

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This is a high class neighborhood, a shopping area that attracts customers from all over the world, tourists and the curious. It is pilgrimage site for lovers of fashion. The heart of Madrid’s Salamanca district is one of the few places that has remained immune to the crisis, where luxury still reigns and its customers are not on the receiving end of the bad economic news in Spain. Its exclusivity has been spared from the recession and that means the Golden Mile is full everyday with sporadic visitors and regular customers.

The backbone of the Golden Mile is the street Ortega y Gasset which features world-class companies, including the most expensive, and especially jewelry stores, and shops for fashion and accessories, for which they pay something like 1,900 euros per square meter a year. It is the most expensive commercial area in Spain to start a business. One of the most expensive and extensive shopping streets in the world is the Fifth Avenue in New York, which is over 12 kilometers long. Its square meter price is around 11,500 euros, and you can find stores like Cartier, Gucci or Louis Vuitton or the legendary Tiffany & Co.

Take note of this walk: From the intersection of the streets Serrano and Ortega y Gasset, you can begin a unique tour to the Plaza del Marqués de Salamanca. Jewelry, leather goods, accessories shops, boutiques, shoe stores… the offers are endless. I recommend you go wandering through the streets Castelló, Velázquez, Lagasca and Claudio Coello to reach Jorge Juan where you’ll find the greatest concentration of luxury brands for men. From there take Serrano, which now after years of work has double the space allocated to pedestrians, and the walk is really nice. And if you are able you can wait until the end to go to the street Ortega y Gasset, where you can cap your shopping experience by enjoying some good wine and tapas in Lavinia’s Espacio Gastronómico. It´s a good recommendation. Since the walk is long and can be exhausting, you will deserve a break.

It is common to find celebrities and well-known people on Madrid’s Golden Mile. Actors, singers, models, television personalities, film directors, renowned business people… It’s a meeting point for the “upper class” and the artists of this country. We know for example that Paris Hilton likes to go shopping in the Salamanca district on occasion. She climbs aboard her private jet, spends the day shopping and then returns home in the late evening. Of course, she can do this since she’s a multimillionaire. For the rest of us it’s advisable to spend at least a few days or a week in the capital if you want to make the most of what this city has to offer, namely, a variety of cultural activities, entertainment and unlimited fun.


Visit this famous and exclusive commercial area. You won´t regret a trip to the Golden Mile. But first you´ll need to find apartments in Madrid. We make it easy for you here.