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Berlin has some of the most important shopping centres in the whole of Europe but there´s a place that isn´t just a mall in itself but also a street with some of the world´s leading brands.


That place is known as Kudamm (originally called Kurfürstendamm & Tauentzienstraße in German) and it´s the most popular street to go shopping in the German city. The street is a long boulevard with no less than 3.5 kilometres that go from Breitscheidplatz square, one of the biggest in Berlin, to Rathenauplatz, another important square.


In those 3.5 kilometres there are a large amount of boutiques and shops that go from the leading fashion brands from around the world, to other independent designer shops that present their collections each season. There are also many restaurants, cafés and bars where, after going shopping and walking so much, you´ll be able to drink a cocktail or something warm to enjoy a classic day in the streets of Berlin.


In Kudamm, despite having many shops, most of them are related to fashion and there you´ll be able to enjoy the latest fashion trends that exist around the world. You can rent apartments in Berlin and enjoy this wonderful avenue.