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Sidecar Factory Club

If we talk about Barcelona´s nightlife we mustn´t forget to mention Sidecar Factory Club, the headquarters of good music and fun.


Inaugurated in the 80s this social club opened its doors to the public like an American Bar where the American fleet used to go and spend the night with cheerful young ladies that entertained them by dancing and with their erotic arts in small cubicles that now are the camerinos.


The party nights were never-ending and the party didn´t finish when the sun came up but when there wasn´t any alcohol left. The people of Barcelona tell that you can still breathe that air of madness on the dancefloors of Sidecar Factory Club.


Every month more than ten concerts take place, all of them with a different musical style, ranging from indie to garage and rock. The artists adore playing in Sidecar and for that they name it in a few of their songs. The mysticism in the air is very intense and everyone leaves the place happy.


And because Sidecar promotes art in its entirety, they also organize comic book events, dances, gastronomy events and painting and cabaret showings. Because of that, if you want to live Barcelona´s nightlife you have to drop by this club and then go and relax to a comfortable home, so rent apartments in Barcelona and relax to the rhythm of the music.