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Stories of Rome of Enric González

Enric González is a Spanish author who was born in Barcelona. The son of a writer, he felt the love for writing, investigations and travelling since he was in his cot. At the young age of 17, he began his journalism career and, today, he has a large CV which makes him well known around the world. Stories of Rome is a book that he wrote with a lot of love after living in the wonderful Italian city for a few years.

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The book is a literary work of art because he manages to reflect with words how magical and strange every corner of the city is. Enric González first found these real-life postcards in the Italian capital and then he took them to his book, where we can find history, law enforcement, heartbreak and death.

Every city in the world has a characteristic that makes it unique, and Rome has many years with it that makes her solid, mystical and ancient, but never forgettable. Any person who has visited Rome will remember it forever, especially if they use this book as a tourist guide. Stores of Rome isn´t a summary for tourists that says which places you should visit but it´s good for valuing the city and having a general outlook before travelling there. Because everyone loves taking tips from a friend when we visit a new place, Enric González is, on this occasions, this said friend.

A key topic on the book is everything related to the Church and The Vatican, it´s enthralling to read word for word what the author thinks and how he develops astutely such a controversial topic like religion.

But not everything is transcendental in the book, we also encounter descriptions of unknown bars, small restaurants lost in the small streets and a story or two of famous people in the city who nobody remembers when they died.

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If you rent apartments in Rome and you buy Stories of Rome to read, you´ll make your trip much more enjoyable and, at the same time, you´ll enjoy a literary work of the highest quality. Rome always has something to tell us.

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