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Contemporary Art in the streets of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is exciting and full of action. The second largest city in Israel is also called “The city that never sleeps” because of its around the clock culture, fun beaches, cool bars, good restaurants, cozy cafes, lively parks, and shopping destinations. Tel Aviv is the most youthful and liberal city in Israel with a big underground party scene and a huge gay scene. But besides all of this, Tel Aviv also has another interesting and vibrant scene to offer: let us tell you about Tel Aviv´s Street Art scene!


When roaming around in Tel Aviv, you will be able to find contemporary art throughout the whole city. For in this city, the street artists actively use the streets as their platform. This free every day art for everybody, has become a true Tel Aviv phenomenon.

Most of these artworks can be found in the center and the south of the city, see these works popping out on walls and buildings. Some are so large, that they cannot be missed, while other works are small and some are even hidden in a special place. The city offers numerous images with a great of variety in styles, techniques and compositions. Take a closer look into these clandestinely created works and witness the techniques that are used to define their styles: pasting, aerosol, acrylic or stencils. These works are often executed with talent and excellent skills, created by driven artists.

From simple short slogans to colorful compositions or complex graffiti, these works are daring and innovative, whether they are small or big, black and white or colorful. Be sure that the Tel Aviv Street Art scene offers a unique display of the artistic talent this city has to give.

Because of these talented artists and their artwork, Tel Aviv Street Art became a true phenomenon. A number of these street artists and their works have been displayed in major art exhibitions by galleries and the Tel Aviv museum of Art. These events have been pushing the boundaries between “common” street artists and the existing art establishment. You can even say these “common” street artists made a revolution for themselves as never before in the history of Israel, Street Art has been shown in a museum. Some of these street artists have become well known and respected in the world of contemporary art.

Please do know that Street Art is illegal in Tel Aviv. Although that is not to be seen by the looks of the streets. The street artists have quite an easy life in Tel Aviv as law enforcement have more important things to do than arresting wall offenders. Street artists do get fined occasionally when caught red handed, but are typically not arrested. It looks like Tel Aviv´s city officials are unofficially tolerating, they do however take charge in arranging the works that are made. Art works with a strong political load are selectively erased. The city of Tel Aviv does decide what it likes, choosing which illegal art work can stay and which goes..

The major active street artists and pioneers in Tel Aviv are:
AME72, Broken Fingaz, Adi Sened, Zero Cents, Klone, Foma

Find works of these street artists in galleries, museums and exhibitions. Also Street Art Tours are being organized on a regular base.


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