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Thames Tandoori London

If the traveller finds himself in the English capital and doesn´t feel like leaving the wonderful apartments in London which are available to spend a few days just like at home, he has to bear an option in mind, which despite not being very British, due to how well implemented it is in the area, it has become a cliché: ordering Indian food. Indian restaurants have thrived both in London and the whole country since the end of the 70s and beginning of the 80s and are part of the landscape today. There are some very good ones but there are also other ones specialized in takeaway food or home delivery food. Thames Tandoori belongs to the latter category, and they offer Indian food through their website with a series of offers and bonuses that no good food lover can miss out on. They agree to bring your food in under an hour, that payment over the internet is secure, to make a 10% discount on the first purchase and that they´re so sure that the client will order a new menu again that they have a service to save the favourite dishes to make the new order easier. It´s simple efficiency on the Web 2.0.