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The importance of story-telling

Advertising has changed a lot in recent years. Not only with the changes in the channels of distribution, but also the content that has been offered to the final consumer. It is no longer about persuading counting the characteristics of the product. Now brands need to get to the heart of the consumer.

How is this done?

It should tell a story. A story that gets you hooked.
A story that you fall in love with. If we take a look, the videos that have gone viral are of the brands that explain something with emotion, that connect to the emotional side of the consumer.

How does this affect you?

Maybe you don’t know it, but you are also a brand. Your apartment page, is your personal webpage. When a user lands on your page, he will look at the photos, look at the price, the equipment, and the location. These are the rational characteristics of your apartment, and if everything is convincing, they will then read the description you have written.

And this description can be something that is read in passing (as it does not bring any added value), or can ultimately become the final trigger for booking, the moment in which they fall madly in love with your apartment. Thus, apart from highlighting the characteristics of your apartment, try to provoke some type of emotion within the traveler, something that makes them wish to be there… and nowhere else.

When you are in the process of making the decision… Every detail counts!