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The kitchen that will captivate your guests

The terrace, views, location, decorations… these are many strong points of your apartment, however the kitchen remains, without a doubt, an important place. A well equipped kitchen will allow guests to save on costly dinners at restaurants and take full advantage of the apartment. We have interviewed Mario Bussi, who has dedicated his life to restoration. Today Mario is the proud owner of a loft in the birthplace of the Renaissance: Florence, Tuscany. Tell us something about you… How did you begin your experience with Only-Apartments? I was first approached by some friends of mine that had been working with Only- Apartments. They were the ones that were able to convince me. They thought that an apartment so particular as mine would have great success. And so it was… I am very happy with the result and above all the success I have had with people from around the world. mario We have seen that your apartment LOFT BOBOLI has a very interesting kitchen that seems to hide a particular history. Do you want to share with us? Of course, I would be happy to… it all began when I was a young man fascinated with the world of restoration. Little by little I began managing various restaurants in Italy, until I arrived in Florence. I fell in love with the city, stayed here and opened a restaurant in the city center. My life has always been in the kitchen; the restaurant was my home during the decades, a second home. And so when that chapter of my life closed, I decided to take a piece of my history and connect it with my home life. I wanted to take the kitchen and bring the essence of my history home. This is why the kitchen is how it is today. Sin título   There is no one better to tell you which allocations you should not miss in a well equipped kitchen… You must not miss the basic kitchen appliances: pots, pans, beautiful plates, an oven or a microwave… Remember, each plate needs the appropriate utensils! Additionally, you can not forget the moment that comes before or after the dinner… without a doubt you can not miss a glass of good savory wine. Lastly, when people are on vacation, a dishwasher is a necessity! Are your guests utilizing your full apartment? Many of my guests organize dinner with their friends during vacation; to sit and eat together is the best way to share experiences! Many of them tell me that they love the atmosphere they feel here… without a doubt, a family environment is more comfortable and cozy. Do you know how a good equipped kitchen can affect reservations? I think, in today´s society, the passion for good food is very strong. Considering that dinner out is expensive, a well equipped space is very comfortable and economical for travelers. The clients prefer to rest a little, sit and eat in their apartment; getting out the best of their reservation! What is the secret to obtaining a space equipped without chaos or disorder? In many years of restoration, I have learned that there is often no time to search. For this reason, it is essential that everything is close to hand, ready to be utilized. Order is fundamental, any chef can attest to this… I think my kitchen reflects what I have lived and breathed throughout the decades: it is a comfortable space, where each object is located in its proper place. cucina 3 Take a look at this wonderful kitchen! https://only-apartments.es/es/florencia/loftboboli_18489/