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Don Carlos Restaurant Milan

Many restaurants don´t just become famous just for their great design, location or the vibe that the place has, but for who is in the kitchen. In this case, Don Carlos in Milan, one of the most important reasons is Angelo Gangemi, who was born in Rome in 1968 and, after studying in different parts of the world and working in restaurants around Europe, began to work in this restaurant and, thanks to his technique, made it well-known quickly around Italy.


The cuisine of Don Carlos is exquisite and the menu stands out for presenting the most exquisite Mediterranean dishes of the region, made with the best products that have all been bought on the same day and with unique freshness.


The original flavours are what interest Gangemi the most and, for that reason, maintaining tradition is a rule. However, he also sometimes mixes them with new-era cuisine, converting the dishes into a spectacular fusion.


The list of wines that Don Carlos has is really extensive, both for red and white. Each will accompany a different dish in order to be able to exploit its flavour as much as possible.


For these reasons, if you want to get to know one of the most important restaurants in the city, you just have to rent apartments in Milan and enjoy its exquisiteness.