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3 Reasons to Rent an Apartment Instead of Reserving a Hotel Room

So you´ve purchased flights for your next holiday and now you need to find accommodations. You have two options: rent apartments or find a hotel. There are reasons why one might choose one or the other, but we are going to explain why renting an apartment is better than staying in a hotel. The reasons are manifold but we are going to give you the three best reasons to choose an apartment. When you finish reading, you´ll wonder why you had so much doubt in the first place.



1. Language

Depending on where you go, you have no choice but to use the local language. The staff of the hotel might understand and speak broken bits and pieces in your language, but in many cases the language barrier can be a significant hurdle. What if there are problems with a reservation or you encounter leaks or the room is not serviced… An accommodation away from home is supposed to be a place to relax. That´s why renting an apartment is ideal, since you’ll love the place you’re staying and the only interaction you will have is to receive the keys. After that, there is no language problem, no barrier to overcome or anything like that. Just peace and quiet, like in your own home.


2. Local advice

There’s no better way to get to know a new place than through the experience of someone who lives there. You’ll have your guide book, of course, but there’s nothing like a first-hand recommendation. When you pick up the keys to your apartment, you can ask that person about any questions you have or for recommendations about good, local restaurants or bars where you can enjoy a drink at a decent price. Now you may be saying, “They do that in a hotel as well.” It’s true that they do, but a hotel receives so many of these requests, maybe a hundred times a day, that they end up giving the names of the most well-known and touristy spots. If you rent an apartment, however, the owner will tell you about the best places in your neighborhood and across the city, and these will likely be ones that most tourists don’t know about. Talk about an advantage!


3. You’ll have your own kitchen!

If you think about it, the cost of vacation can add up pretty quickly. If you are eating out 2-3 times a day and spending about € 15-20 per person, you could spend a fortune by the end of your holiday. A vacation can put easily put you in the red that way. If you rent apartments, though, not only will it be much cheaper than a hotel but you will also have another important element: your own kitchen. This way, you can save some of the money that you would spend in restaurants. It’s also a perfect excuse to visit the local markets for local products so you can cook a traditional recipe from the country you’re in for yourself and your family or friends. Sounds great, right? Not only will you save a ton of money but you can also test your skills as a cook and try out some new recipes. With some of the money you’ve saved, you can even buy a cookbook from that country. A foolproof plan.