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CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival New York

That new New York is an excessive, magnificent and immense megalopolis is beyond argument, as is also that it´s one of the great world centres of culture. And the fact that the majority of the events that take place in this great city are of the popular and participative kind, can´t be argued about either. And so, during the third week of October approximately (you have to be alert to the last minute news) this festival takes place which is a cultural marathon where they screen over 100 films from different independent producers arrived from all over the world. And if this wasn´t enough, the event ´completes´ itself with many concerts in different points in the city. All fans of emerging art and independent film fans have an appointment with the CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival.


Since we´re in the age of the internet, the official page is adaptes wonderfully to the requirements of the Web 2.0, and here they give good account of all the news of the different events, the conferences which take place regarding the festival and all the practical information that you will need.


If you´re going to New York during the last weeks of October, remember that the city raises its cultural offering in an exponential way and what better, to make the most of the day, to book some of the great apartments in New York which are available in all districts and some have wonderful views.