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Touring Malaga

The sun of Spain

Spain is a country that continues to offer high quality travel destinations and routes. It is well known and often commented that there is nothing like the sun of Spain in the rest of Europe. So it’s no wonder that travelers from all over come to Spanish cities in search of that blue sky and almost transparent light. And of course, this type of heat also brings a lot of light and liveliness to this country. During the winter months, it is quite cold despite but still sunny so even then you can be filled with good cheer. But spring is the best season to travel to Spain, especially to a city as beautiful as Malaga.


The capital of Andalusia offers several routes to get to know it and different ways to learn about this city. It is located to the west of the Mediterranean Sea and situated in the southern part of the peninsula, only a hundred miles from the Strait of Gibraltar. Málaga is also surrounded by mountains and crossed by two rivers, which means that travelers will experience a diverse environment. Malaga´s history dates back to the eighth century BC, which makes this city one of the oldest in Europe.

The botanical route

Malaga offers several types of tours or routes that you can choose from. Among these is a route that includes the important botanical gardens in the city and specific locations such as the Villalcázar Palace, the Customs, the Gardener´s Cottage, the town hall and the building of the rector at the University of Malaga. The tour of the Park of Malaga is extensive and will take you to these places, after which you can move on to the gardens of Pedro Luis Alonso. Of course, on this route you will be exposed to more gardens, green areas, fountains, statues and monuments that make for an interesting and varied walk.

It’s worth mentioning that the city offers additional tours. You can, for example, visit spaces once frequented by the renowned painter Pablo Picasso, who was born in Malaga. This route allows you to learn about the artist´s connection to the city where he grew up and his early and undoubtedly talented development. Walking around in Malaga and visiting its religious spaces, mainly churches, chapels and museums of unique beauty, is another good option.

The tours you can take in this fascinating city are as diverse as your own interests. And these can, of course, can be adapted to the length of your stay. In my own opinion, there is nothing better than walking through a new city and letting your curiosity and enthusiasm take control. To find out more about these routes and see images of the beautiful city of Malaga, visit this website: http://rutas.malaga.eu/

Rent apartments in Malaga and enjoy the beauty of this important city. You will fall in love with this charming city and the culture, art, history and entertainment you will discover there.