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Tranxx Berlin

Berlin is full of history. It has some of the most important museums in the world, works of art which represent all sorts of times, monuments which are unique around the world, and natural beauties. This makes that millions of tourists arrive at the city every year.

If you´re in the German city and you want to relax after having been visiting it for a few days, one of the best places to do so is Tranxx, which is the most important place for floating baths that there is. The system is unique and very interesting. These are pyramids with water inside with a density which is given by a material called Epson Salt, which is the same type of salt as there is in the Dead Sea. This will allow you to float and fully relax.

The good thing is that the pyramids also have relaxing music so that the relaxation will be complete. This will make your body to distend and everything will end with a massage session that will finish all your aches and pains.

Those who want to get to know a beautiful city, among the most beautiful in the world, and relax at Tranxx, just have to rent apartments in Berlin