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Twice Club

Twice Club is situated in the Piazza Santa Croce and it´s a nightclub which is famous for having the visitors with the best vibe in the whole of Florence, that come to sample some of the most exquisite cocktails of the place that, also, has a few very elegant rooms.


The club also provides a lounge, a smokers room where there are very comfortable chairs and armchairs where the clients can sit down to enjoy their cigarettes.


But the main attraction of Twice Club is, undoubtedly, the dancefloor that fills with people who want to have fun above all. Once the party has started you´ll have to wait a long time for it to finish because it goes on until the early hours of the morning where everyone has fun to the rhythm of electronic or pop music.


Meeting people here will be very easy because, as well as locals, hundreds of foreigners wanting to socialize go here every day. If you´re close to 20 or you just passed them a few years ago, this is the ideal place to go and have fun with your friends and to have a great night.


You can rent apartments in Florence and have fun dancing in Twice Club.