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Week-End Club

Berlin has one of the world´s best nightlife if you like electronic music, partying, meeting new people and drinking. In the city there are many nightclubs with different suggestions that will allow both tourists and locals to feel very comfortable.


One of these places is Week-End Club which is one of the most interesting ones because it´s located on the 12th floor of a high building in Alexanderplatz, with an impressive view of the whole city that will take the breath away of more than one.


The problem is because it´s such a busy and famous place which is famous in Berlin, not only for the place it´s located in but also for the good music that it plays and because it´s full of jet setters, that getting a seat is very complicated.


If you like VIP places which aren´t very big and aren´t full of people so that you can dance freely, not having to wait at the bar a long time and meeting people with the best vibe, Week-End Club is an ideal place to do so.



You can rent apartments in Berlin and enjoy one of the most important clubs in the city.