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Two Door Cinema Club and Metronomy Concert in Istanbul

Talking about indie is like talking about God: everyone has an opinion, everyone thinks they know something about it, everyone knows about its possible existence and everyone has felt its presence at some point in their lives. In the same way, nobody knows exactly what it´s about, where it´s found, how it´s listened to, for who he works and whether all of that is important. Indie spreads around the world like an unresolved dilemma, produced, elaborated and commercially exploited more and more all the time. The word ´indie´ has lost its meaning: the independence of the music industry. Indie today is transmitted to a much larger and diverse crowd, which is definitely something positive. However, indie has lost its danger and the aesthetic experimentation that saw it rise over 40 years ago.

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And so, the indie market has expanded on all the continents, and bands such as Two Door Cinema Club and Metronomy have an almost universal audience. This phenomenon is a result of the impact of the social networks. Both bands began their career towards stardom in the early part of this century. Metronomy, since 1999 to be precise, created an elegant electro-pop sound since its first recordings. With three studio albums and one remix one, Metronomy is the most elegant pop that you can listen to today. A sound made with seductive guitar and bass, the voice of their singer Joseph Mount and his Italian-Mafia-style falsettos mix with the synthesizer, keyboard and electronic sounds. Its recent album, ´The English Riviera´ (2011) is still receiving praise from all the music critics.

The history of Two Door Cinema Club is somewhat different, not least exempt of success. Formed in 2007, these lads simply decided to abandon their studies and dedicate themselves full time to music, after seeing that their Myspace page was receiving thousands and thousands of views. Up until today they only have one album ´Tourist History´, released in 2010, and that´s been enough to enable them to emerge from anonymity to international stardom partly thanks to their participation in huge music festivals in the UK. Songs such as ´Something Good Can Work´, ´I Can Talk´, ´Undercover Martyn´, ´Come Back Home´ and ´What You Know´ are just some of their hits

Some criticise these bands for being frivolous, with a synthetic sound that´s too joyful, and for not going any further than their status of hipsters with musical instruments and a lot of money. Perhaps there´s some truth in that but you can´t help but dance with their songs, as well as retaining their catchy tunes and choruses. Two Door Cinema Club and Metronomy will be in Istanbul on the 28th of June in an unforgettable concert at Küçükçiftlik Park in this important city. For more information visit these two links: http://twodoorcinemaclub.com/

Get apartments in Istanbul and enjoy this great concert. This summer, Istanbul is a destination that you can´t miss out on getting to know. A city filled with history and modernity, Istanbul is without doubt the perfect start to your holidays.