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Discovering the typical Italian festivals

August in Italy is synonymous for festivals. I´m not talking about rock or alternative pop festivals but festivals that have been taking place for many centuries… well, maybe that was an exaggeration but what´s sure is that they reminisce about and maintain Italian culture alive. They´re the sacred and profane festivals, annual events where the whole community participates and which trespass the purely religious, making it one of the best examples of culture from each of the Italian regions.

Typical <b>italian</b> festival

This is a real cultural mix where profane and sacred imaginaries get tangled with each other along with typical consumptions, art and gastronomy, as well as a whole particular world of beliefs and social imaginaries that give shape and life to these authentic and typical events that become the clearest examples of cultural change, formed by traditions and current elements that bring unique wealth to these regional festivals.

These are parties that have been taking place for many years and that have incorporated new elements with time that have settled as part of the tradition. There are so many festivals in each region that I recommend that you visit the link that I´ve attached further down if you´re interested in partaking in these types of tourist activities that are, undoubtedly, much more interesting and enriching because they involve real knowledge of the society that you´re visiting, in this case the cultural and religious traditions of each Italian region. Even so, there are some that you cannot miss and that I will recommend you right now: in Florence, Cena Medicea, the Tortello and meat festival and the Duck and Boar Festival; in Bari, the Wine Festival; in Milan, the Fisherman´s festival; in Agrigento, San Calogero Festival; in Parma, the Assumption Festival; in Bologna, the Renaissance Festival and, in Rome, the Ravioli, galta and macaroni festival. These are just some of the ones you have to write down in your travel diary for the month of August in beautiful Italy.

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