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Sardine Day in Florence

April 1st is the favorite date of all pranksters across many countries like the UK, France, Italy, Finland, Austria, Germany, and more. It is a tradition loved by all that never fails to leave a smile in the faces of its hapless victims. It is known as April Fools’ Day in the UK; as Día das Mentiras (day of lies) in Portugal and Brazil; and as April Fish in Italy, France, Wallonia, and Switzerland. But what is the real story behind this practice? Where did the tradition of April 1st originate? Well, the theories are many. One of the most popular ones states that it has its origins in France, after the Edict of Roussillon changed the date of New Year’s Day (but “fools” continued to celebrate the new year from March 25th through to April 1st). But there’s a different theory that states it started in Italy… If you are well-acquainted with Italy, you’ll know that Tuscany is also renowned for its special sense of humor. And according to this theory, this charming tradition finds its origins in Florence, precisely. From a young age, Italians spend hours devising pranks to play on their friends and family. And Italy’s April Fish (Pesce d’aprile in Italian) gives one the chance to have a laugh at anyone’s expense, always ending in a resounding “April Fish!” And so we wonder about the history of its name… Why April Fish? As the story goes, there seems to have been a tradition in Florence to send fools every first of April to buy fish at a marketplace where there was nothing but an effigy...

Cheap and chic cocktail bars in Florence

Enjoying the nightlife in a city like Florence is something not exactly cheap. This article is aimed at giving information about the cheapest, yet elegant bars in the city. These are places that you can visit with a tight budget, but also where you can still enjoy an elegant atmosphere as the more fancy ones. Eco-conscious cafes or nightclubs with live music and great dance floors. The important thing is to have fun. So here are some useful tips. “Chic” and “cheap” Bars in Florence: Pub Angie Pub Angie is very popular among young creative guys and I say creative, because it is frequented by art students. In fact the walls are full of indie art, old Polaroid photos and antiques. This is a meeting place for potential artists seeking a way out in this magnificent city. There, they exchange views while enjoying the live music. Drinks and cocktails come very cheap. This place is definitively recommended. PopCafé Vegetarians will feel at home at PopCafé. This is a very bohemian bar located downtown Florence, specifically in the Piazza Santo Spirito. There you’ll be able to eat and drink at very accessible prices, something impossible in other vegetarian restaurants. PopCafé is very committed to the environment and sustainability. For example, they use energy saving light bulbs. They serve brunch, lunch and dinner. The night owls should try one of the natural fruit cocktails in the menu. The minimalist decor of the room matches the simple spirit of its kitchen. It is Simple, but very tasty at the same time. The Red Garter The Red Garter serves a wide range of...

Discovering the typical Italian festivals

August in Italy is synonymous for festivals. I´m not talking about rock or alternative pop festivals but festivals that have been taking place for many centuries… well, maybe that was an exaggeration but what´s sure is that they reminisce about and maintain Italian culture alive. They´re the sacred and profane festivals, annual events where the whole community participates and which trespass the purely religious, making it one of the best examples of culture from each of the Italian regions. This is a real cultural mix where profane and sacred imaginaries get tangled with each other along with typical consumptions, art and gastronomy, as well as a whole particular world of beliefs and social imaginaries that give shape and life to these authentic and typical events that become the clearest examples of cultural change, formed by traditions and current elements that bring unique wealth to these regional festivals. These are parties that have been taking place for many years and that have incorporated new elements with time that have settled as part of the tradition. There are so many festivals in each region that I recommend that you visit the link that I´ve attached further down if you´re interested in partaking in these types of tourist activities that are, undoubtedly, much more interesting and enriching because they involve real knowledge of the society that you´re visiting, in this case the cultural and religious traditions of each Italian region. Even so, there are some that you cannot miss and that I will recommend you right now: in Florence, Cena Medicea, the Tortello and meat festival and the Duck and Boar Festival;...

Students Ville Florence

Students Ville is a place that brings you closer to the best landmarks in Florence by renting motorbikes, the best way to see the city.

Alessandro Bagnai Gallery Florence

A good place to see everything that´s new and avant-garde is Alessandro Bagnai Gallery, located in Florence, the centre of culture.

Mirabili Gallery Florence

Design is another of the branches that art has in its spaces in famous galleries And so, Mirabili Gallery has, for your enjoyment, the best works by designers and artists.

Aria Art Gallery Florence

Florence is the city of art, and nothing better to spend your relaxing days than enjoying this city. Aria Art Gallery offers you the best cultural trends of today and the

Florence Guides

Just like they announce on their website, Florence Guides are made up by a group of art graduates, passionate of the city that they were born in.