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October: Must-See Film Festivals

When the words festival and film come together, the final result is always a success. October is a very prolific month when it comes to organizing events dedicated to raising awareness and honoring the cinematic arts and the talented individuals behind their creation.

Here are some dates that you should know for this month:

International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. Sitges (Barcelona). October 3 – 12, 2014. http://sitgesfilmfestival.com/

It claims to be the first fantasy film festival in the world and is popular within a variety of different cultural arenas, since it is considered a unique space to stimulate the creation, design and dissemination of the genre. Bringing together stars such as Anthony Hopkins and Quentin Tarantino, the Sitges Festival helps bring the latest technological trends in the audiovisual world to the public. It’s a must for any movie buff.

BFI London Film Festival. October 8 – 19, 2014 http://www.bfi.org.uk

It has been dubbed the “festival of festivals” many times over due to its programming, which is based on a selection of the titles presented in other competitions. To further their attempts at bringing the films to the public, they complement their program with activities, talks and debates from experts and celebrities from the film world.

The Rome Film Festival. October 16 – 25, 2014. http://www.romacinemafest.it

Since 2006, this festival has been celebrated in the Eternal City. It is comprised of a variety of sections (CinemaXXI, Prospettive Italy, Audience Award) and the recognition is divided into categories (Best Film, Best Performance, Best Director, etc.). The winners receive a statuette of Marcus Aurelius, which is inspired by the equestrian statue of the Roman Emperor.

Taking advantage of the event, there’s also a famous film market called Business Street in the Via Veneto. There, you can discover true cinematic gems as well as network with others in the business.

Chicago Film Festival. October 9 – 23 2014. http://www.chicagofilmfestival.com

The oldest festival in North America, this one defines itself as a window to other worlds and new possibilities. Its main objective is to introduce Chicago and the rest of the world to the work of new artists, new stories and new perspectives. This year it celebrates its 50th anniversary with the intention of further promoting emerging artists and new ways of making films.