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Valentine’s Day around the World

Who says that love is celebrated only one day a year? It is true that having a special date can be an excuse to pamper your partner in a more original way than other days. It is a unique opportunity to make a declaration of love, a huge surprise or a special dinner. But how is Valentine´s Day celebrated in other countries?


The customs of each society can be fascinating, because there are thousands of ways to express the love for someone. In New York, for example, seven couples are chosen to marry this day on the balcony of the 80th floor of the Empire State Building. Others usually create greeting cards called Valentines Day cards that are decorated with hearts and cupids, which are exchanged among friends. On 14th February, some 900 million Valentines Day cards are sent in the U.S.!

The single Italian and the English women wake that morning with a special hope. When they wake up they have to look out of the window and wait for a man to pass. The legend says that the first man that passes in front of her “door of love” will marry her. Italian families take it so seriously that this day they cook as if it were Christmas, for the whole family and friends! In Denmark, this is the day of the flowers: the people usually send white flowers to their beloved ones that are often compared to “snow drops”. Men send “funny unsigned letters”, substituting their name for dots (one for each letter). If the woman guesses who her Valentine is, the man is rewarded with an Easter egg. Funny!

In Catalonia (Spain), the Valentine´s Day is celebrated by looking for the perfect gift, but they prefer to celebrate it on 23rd April. This day is called Sant Jordi, during which the man gives a rose to the woman and the woman gives him a book. The streets are filled with stands of flowers and books, as it is the international day of the book. The Colombians, for example, don’t celebrate the Valentine´s Day on 14th Frebuary, butt the third weekend of September. The Chileans, the Argentines and the Mexicans are more attentive and they buy chocolates, lingerie or write love letters…

In Asia, this celebration is increasingly present, though in India the expression of their feelings is not so current as in Europe or The United States. In Japan, Mount Fuji is full of couples ringing the Bell of Love, where they pronounce three times the name of their partner. This is a tradition that gives them hope, so their relationship will become longer and stronger.

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