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Valentine’s Day in Florence

The old love stories no longer exist. If you´re surprised with the fact that people get divorced so often and couples don’t stay together for a long time, perhaps you are a romantic who still believe in love. There are so many stories enmeshed around the word love since the beginning of mankind. Due to their implications and consequences, it is difficult to know if love is just another great invention of culture to “formalize” the sexual act, as a transcendent event that, at the end of the day, is nothing more than an inherent function of the body and is meant be done only to perpetuate the human specie.

valentines florence

Love as a barrier, as an improvement, as hope, as a God, as an enemy, as a tragedy, as a war. Love has so many ways of being seen that we would need many pages to write an elaborated presentation of all forms that love often have in our culture. The truth is that every 14th of February, in various parts of the western world, we celebrate the day of love; we present roses and chocolates, to recall the union of two individuals. However, Valentine´s Day is just another commercial invention to empty our pockets, buying flowers, gifts, chocolates, balloons, and fetish, all of this in a pretty ridiculous time of the year. If you did not have enough with Christmas, Valentine´s Day is coming to get you, so be prepared to spend. Valentine´s Day, it is still another example of the superficiality of some emotions, which are sold to the world in developed packages.

Unfortunately, the idea of love as any product of society has fallen into an unapproachable commercial marketing. Are there people who still believe in romance and love at first sight? If you go to Florence and still believe in love, maybe you can light the flame of passion again, while walking with your loved one the beautiful streets of this ancient city, full of history, culture and nightlife. A trip to Florence could save or destroy your marriage, remember that sometimes, traveling in pairs is also dangerous and it is better to continue traveling alone.

If you still believe in love, you might be one of those freeks who believes that happiness is possible with another person, and that it worth growing old with someone, have children, make a family. Among all diseases of society, the fantasy of love and Valentine´s Day, is the one, which remains trapped victims the most, be careful not to be the next one. As Arthur Rimbaud once said, we would have to “reinvent love” and see what happens next. The truth is that unfortunately love won’t save us from the crisis.

Get apartments in Florence and enjoy Valentine´s Day in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Florence has the perfect setting for you to find the love of your life.

Hans Only-apartments TranslatorTranslated by: Hans