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Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

Valentine´s Day, also known in many countries as Lover´s Day and in others as the Day of Love and Friendship, is celebrated on February 14.

valentine day barcelona


Originally Valentine´s Day comes from the Anglo-Saxon territory, tradition throughout the twentieth century has spread throughout the world as the day in which couples in love, express their love for each other.

In Spain this feast was established in the mid-twentieth century to encourage shopping They say the legendary mall Galeries Preciados were the ones who imported this event into the Spanish calendar.

Even so, do not forget that originally itcomes from the Roman Empire, as Valentine was a Christian priest who celebrated marriages in secret for young lovers, since Christian religion was forbidden.

Currently, although marriages no longer happen in secrecy, people enjoy this day taking long walks, having romantic meals in restaurants or giving gifts to each other. Barcelona is one of the most charming cities in Europe, an ideal place to spend Valentine´s Day. There are many places where one can enjoy and revel in the company of their respective partner or special friend

Without further ado we will name a few of these places that Barcelona has to offer :

We begin with a sunrise at sea, as you all know one of the great charms of Barcelona is that it has a beach. And why shouldn´t you? get really close to it and watch the sun rise hugging your lover in its sands .

Next, and very close to the sea, it is advisable to go to the Ciutadella Park to take a long walk, have lunch on the grass and take a nap under a tree.

Right next to the Citadel, you have one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of the city, the Borne. Get lost in its maze of its Gothic streets is priceless . Hopefully, you will see the impressive and the most beautiful church I know of, The Church of Santa Maria del Mar.

Strolling amidst kissing and caressing, you may get hungry, for it time for a meal. In the same neighborhood, there is one of the most romantic and unique restaurants in Barcelona, the Carassa. It is a small, magical place where you can taste delicious fondues. Although if you prefer something more daring, also next to the Ciutadella, you have another option, the restaurant Dans Le Noir, where dinner is served in a completely dark environment, a sensory experience through the food that sharpens your senses …

And finally, if you have car, do not hesitate and go up to Tibidabo at the top of the mountain to see the city illuminated at night, a wonderful spectacle

Will you miss the opportunity to come to Barcelona to spend Valentine´s Day with your partner or friend?

For all lovers, friends, lovers … I wish you a Happy Valentine´s Day!