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Welcome to the Special Space for Home Owners at Only the World



It’s a true pleasure to open this section of the blog, dedicated exclusively to the Home Owners that make Only-apartments.

We want to welcome you to the one place where we bring together all your concerns and experiences, with the common goal that travelers choose and enjoy their stay with us.

But this will also be the place to share tips, ideas, or discover the latest trends in the sector. And for the sake of organization, we have structured all this information into the following categories:


This is where we’ll publish the latest news with regard to the world of tourism and holiday accommodation, which will surely be of interest to you.


We often need some guidance to make the most out of our property, and thus increase the number of bookings. This is where we’ll find the key to making our apartments figure among those listed as travelers’ favorites.


And who better than yourselves to disclose the secret to success, or to share genuine anecdotes from the world of tourist accommodation? Your stories and advice can help other home owners. Would you like to answer some simple questions and share your experiences? Get in touch with us at communication@only-apartments.com and we’ll publish your interview.


We all have questions, and these are oftentimes the same. This is where we bring together some of your most frequent questions. A brief user guide to properly manage your property in the home owner’s Extranet.