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One of the most important clubs of Florence´s nightlife is YAB (which stands for You Are Beautiful) that, throughout the years, it still is one of the ones that sets the trend and that determines what you should and shouldn´t do in the different bars.


The place offers the best entertainment in an elegant and exclusive atmosphere where, those who manage to get in, will enjoy one of the most fun nights of their lives. The entry, striking in itself, is full of mirrors and in the inside the extravagant lights, the dancefloor and the best speakers will make the crowd dance until the early hours of the morning.


The place is distributed in different bars and it has in its interior no less that four, that will allow the people to choose the one that goes more with their style and personality. Some are made for those who love beer, others for those who want to have something more relaxed with their partners and others to have fun with their group of friends.


YAB also opens for those who want to go for supper and, also, listen to live bands.


You can rent apartments in Florence and enjoy one of the best clubs in the city.