48 Unforgettable Hours in the Slovenian Capital, Ljubljana!

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Have you ever done a tour of Central Europe? Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovenia are some of the wonderful and enigmatic destinations which have become increasingly popular. An exuberant nature, fascinating culture, and especially rich history reflected in the buildings, monuments, streets and squares are some of the reasons we may want to visit these places.


Today we are going to talk about Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. We will give some of the most important information to explore this amazing city even if you’re a little bit short on time. We will describe the most important places to visit but in a random order, since it’s probably best for you to design your own route.

We’ll start with the obvious; Ljubljana Castle is a must-see and is also a symbol of the city. Set on top of a hill, the imposing castle looks down upon the city. It gives us a perfect view of the city, allowing us to see everything before we’ve even begun from up high. The castle, which dates back to the ninth century, now hosts a variety of cultural events (concerts, exhibitions, etc.), and you might luck out in this respect. You can ascend either by cable car or walking up, and I can recommend both methods.

Bridges, bridges and more bridges! When we get into the city we will discover several things. You’ll find that walking around this city is a true joy, since it has a lot of active markets, and that you are certain to cross several bridges. Don’t miss the Dragon Bridge, Triple Bridge and the Bridge of the Shoemakers.

If churches interest you, there are two that I would recommend: the Ljubljana Franciscan Church and the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, which is also called Stolinica.

You can also visit the lovely Zvesda Park and one of the most beautiful squares in the city is the one where the town hall is located. There, you can see the Robba fountain in all its Baroque glory.

But at some point, of course, we have to eat! And eating in Ljubljana is quite a pleasure indeed. The cuisine often merges with some dishes from neighboring countries like Serbia or Croatia and also has Germanic influences. Some dishes you may want to try are the mushroom soup, gibanica, a cheese pastry, apple strudel and, of course, fish.

Of course, you won’t want to miss going out while you’re there. The perfect plan is to start out with a walk along the river. The candles that decorate the terraces of different restaurants give the area even more of a romantic atmosphere.

Now you´re ready for an unforgettable 48 hours!

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