Belvarosi Pharmacy Budapest

Budapest is one of Europe´s most fascinating cities. Despite being Western, it has a certain Oriental touch which makes it even more attractive. The thoughtful traveller will previously make all the preparations: from the purchase of the flights to the booking of some of our excellent apartments in Budapest But even then, and we hope from the bottom of our heart that it´s not your case, something might go wrong: a simple headache or an allergy attack can ruin the best of planned trips. If that happens, you also have to know where there´s a pharmacy close by.

In Hungarian, ´pharmacy´ is ´gyógyszertár´, and you have to have the word at hand if you are trying to find one. The Hungarian timetables are a bit chaotic, so that´s why I recommend this one, in the city centre, which is a historical store (open since 1922) and has its doors open beyond the official timetables, and it closes late at night. The place is nice, with modernist wooden display cabinets and old pharmaceutical jars, as well as a wide range of international and ecological cosmetics at the disposal of the sybarite traveller. So, keep the address and you might even visit it out of pleasure. We hope that it´s the case.

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