The best of Vienna

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Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Europe. Despite being considerably smaller than other European capitals, the beauty and elegance of the centre of Vienna are quite simply unique. In this old part of the city, you can find architecture that will make your jaw drop, beautiful palaces, theaters and museums. It´s an area that, as you can imagine, is quite popular amongst tourists.



Perhaps the best time to visit it is early in the morning or late in the evening. However, don´t be put off by the affluence of visitors, there is still plenty to see and do around the city centre. Among the attractions in Vienna we find the Naschmarkt, where many locals go in search for delicious and exotic food. In this market not only can you enjoy excellent food but also go shopping in the flea market that it turns into on Saturday evenings, where you can find the most diverse and sophisticated items.


And when it comes to sophistication at dinner time, we recommend the famous restaurant Steirereck, highly recommended by the prestigious association Les Grandes Tables du Monde. In this important restaurant you can enjoy the best Austrian cuisine. After your meal, you can walk around the park where the restaurant is in. Another restaurant that we recommend for a romantic dinner is Palchutta, where they serve the best tafelspitz in the whole of Vienna. If you want to go somewhere nice for lunch, Cafe Central is the perfect option: of course, as well as the delicious coffees and hot chocolates, the best traditional food is also served here.

Shopping in the Seventh District

When it comes to shopping, in the city´s Seventh District you can find the city´s main high street that has, quite simply, everything: fashion stores, perfume boutiques, gift shops and many other stylish places for your high-quality shopping in a bohemian and cozy atmosphere. Of course, select cafés and bars are also on this route. Another option that you can´t miss out during your stay in the Austrian capital is the Nineteenth District, which has important wine culture. If you want to enjoy yourself after having had a great day walking through the vibrant culture and history of the city, you can visit pubs, clubs and bars where you´ll have a great time and meet plenty of new people.

St Stephen´s Cathedral

Another attraction that you can´t miss out on is St Stephen´s Cathedral, one of the iconic images of the city. This Gothic-style cathedral has a colourful ceiling that´s made out of majolicas that make out the image of a two-headed eagle that represents the old Habsburg Imperial family. You can´t miss out on the Hofburg Imperial Palace either, where they offer different tours to get to know the history of Austria closer up. For more information, visit the following website:


Find your accommodation in Vienna apartments and be part of one of the most classic cities in Europe. Its history, culture and great diversity of tourist attractions will make your stay an unforgettable one.

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