Freedonia Association in Barcelona

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On the street Lleialtat, 6, in the Raval district, there is now a cultural association that offers more variety of alternative culture in Barcelona, we are talking about Freedonia Association.


Enjoying a play, a film projection, a DJ or a photo exhibition while having a glass of wine with friends and new people, is one of the pleasures that enable such associations. Place of culture always available to everyone.

In Barcelona there are some places that work with the same philosophy as the Miscelanea (in the Raval) or the Cova de les Cultures (in Gracia), but unfortunately there are many other places in which the City Council has closed like la Virgen o el Almazen (both in the Raval).

And why I say unfortunately? Because these partnerships not only promote the culture, but have a very important social role, organizing events and workshops open to everyone and working with neighborhood organizations, as well as enable new artists, unknown or with no resources to promote their work.

Why the City Council has many obstacles to this type of premises? The neighborhoods need creative spaces of leisure and alternative projects. They want to “sanitize” the Raval, but imposing its “Barcelona model”. The modernization of the city can’t be made against the citizen; therefore the closing of cultural associations of this kind represents an assault to the local society.

That´s why Freedonia Association, as well as others, play an absolutely enriching work, reactivating the alternative art, the other reality of culture, which also deserves recognition in our community. At the end are the best forms of expression that we define our time and ourselves, because they are the ones at our disposal and with which we interact. Perhaps, occasionally they are the most critical or most transgressive. In any case, it is clear that the City is not interested in having counterculture movements, since they are contrary to the official art that is sold to us.

Congratulations Coque for all you have given us day after day with your work and thanks to all who work with Freedonia Association for making possible such a fantastic underground culture project.

“The official culture meets you, but to the underground you have to come yourself.” (Frank Zappa)

Cinta Blanch Only-apartments AuthorCinta Blanch

If you´re looking for apartments in Barcelona stop by Freedonia Association and after a good show and a good glass of wine, surely you will find a nice place to spend unforgettable days.


Hans Only-apartments TranslatorTranslated by: Hans

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