The best guide to alternative Barcelona

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Here are some tips on what other different things you can do in Barcelona, alternative plans for families, couples and young people who want to get to know the city from a different perspective. Up until now, the city has a double appeal. One must innovate and renovate, and this also applies to tourism.



Bicycle route

In the Catalan capital, it´s easy to find different things to do without falling into the routine and asking what there is beyond. In other words, that as well as visiting the Sagrada Familia, Montjuïc and other beautiful landmarks that this capital of culture holds, all of those plans can be put into practice in a very original way. I recommend that you start with a tandem ride around all of these places that, although they might already be known to you, will still surprise you. The key is to get to know the other side of the city. To finish the ride, a good ending would be to enjoy a sunset where Barceloneta beach comes to an end. Nearby is a place that rents these types of bicycles, on Passeig de la Barceloneta, 33. Its website is:

Cava sampling

For those who prefer a less extreme tourism, I recommend that they take part on one of the cava sampling courses offered by the Cava Institute on Plaça Francesc Macià, 3. It´s a workshop that costs around 22 euros and there´s the possibility that you might end up a bit drunk afterwards, but it´s generally very satisfying to find out and learn about the elaboration techniques and curiosities that surround this delicious drink that never goes amiss on any table in this part of the world during New Year. Make a booking or call them beforehand since it usually books up pretty quickly. However, if you like eating and cooking or cooking and eating in that order, a good choice would be to join up at Sabores. It´s a Mediterranean cooking class in the bohemian district of Gràcia, where you can learn how to cook and enjoy traditional local dishes made with a simplicity that will seem almost impossible. However, it´s not just that since they also teach cooking classes of Japanese food, cakes, chic tapas and creative pintxos.

Camp Nou

Attention football fans, especially Barça fans and families with children who want to see Camp Nou. Doing the Camp Nou tour, you can visit the stadium inside, the director´s box, the changing rooms, the tunnel that leads to the pitch, the benches, the press boxes and even the TV set. It will impress everyone. The visit to the facilities allows you to enjoy places that are part of Barça´s everyday events and will allow you to feel the magic of the stadium. Revive the history and the present of this emblematic stadium with this tour, ideal for all Barça and football fans. The tour around this footballing cathedral also includes a visit to the club museum, where you can see and almost touch all of the trophies, photographs and personal items of the great legends that have been part of this club since its creation. If you´re interested in this, here are all of the details. It´s located on Avda. Arístides Maillol, entering at accesses 7 and 9. If you have any queries, phone the club on 0034 902 189 900.


For daring people and naturists, it´s a good plan to go to the nudist beach of Sant Sebastià, located south of the Barceloneta. Even if it´s not really beach weather at the moment, there´s always a good atmosphere there and a few brave people who aren´t afraid of the cold or anything and take a dip in the sea. And not only are there nudists here since there are also surfers all year long who come here to enjoy the waves. These people don´t want to hear about different seasons and come here regardless of the time of the year, and it´s a good show to watch them.



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