The Haus der Musik in Vienna

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Music is one of the oldest languages in history, which is why in Vienna, a city of great classical music tradition, there is a museum dedicated to this universal art, the Haus der Musik (House of Music).

It’s located between St. Stephen´s Cathedral and the Vienna State Opera in the Palace of Archduke Charles. Fostered by the Vienna Philharmonic, this particular museum invites the viewer to discover the secrets and history of the music world as well as its tradition and innovations in an interactive and participatory way.

Haus musik vienna

We’ll take you on a short tour of this palace of music and sound.

The patio: This is a modern architectural structure covered with a glass. Here you can view some of the temporary exhibitions as well as enjoy a cup of coffee. It’s also a great meeting place for groups and visitors.

The first floor: The Museum of the Vienna Philharmonic, is housed in the former apartment of composer, conductor and founder of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Otto Nicolai (1810-1849), who established the orchestra and its unique sound in 1842. The space is also the setting for the New Year´s concert in Vienna and the Schönbrunn Summer Night Concert, and they have a fascinating interactive game during which visitors can compose their very own waltz.

The second floor: The Sonosphere takes you on a journey through the wonderful world of sound phenomena. Here you can experience everything from the “prenatal sensory rush”, in which visitors relive their first musical experiences in utero and after birth, to the Sound Gallery, which features noises and sounds of the microcosm and macrocosm, the environment and the human body that can be heard individually and mixed with your own voice and melodies before being registered in the Evolution of the Machine. It’s a unique listening experience via the latest technologies.

The third floor: Here you can get to know the great masters of the Viennese musical tradition. Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss, Gustav Mahler, the Second Viennese School of Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg and Anton Webern – all of whom are introduced through historical documents.

The fourth floor: This is where you’ll encounter Virto / Degree, a multimedia opera and interactive musical experience. On this floor you will also find the gift shop, which is called the House Of.

The top floor: Check out the lounge and restaurant Huth, which combines music with the culinary arts.

They say music is the language of the soul, and at the Haus der Musik you will not only learn about tradition but also can enjoy incredible auditory experiences, thanks to the latest and newest technologies. It’s a musical journey that includes theme rooms, both real and virtual, as well as information, education and entertainment.

If you want more information about the Haus der Musik and their admission prices, check out their website:


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