Jane Birkin live in concert in London

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When we think about the 60s at this point in the 21st century, we get a lump in our throat that gets bigger and bigger all the time -a lump of nostalgia that makes our eyes teary remembering such great years that changed global culture forever, years that revolutionized music, politics, sexuality, literature, film and so many other ways of living in and confronting reality. Of course, each country had its different view of the 60s. In Berlin, rock´n´roll was taking its first steps to psychedelia and the political sound of Krautrock, full of experimentation and cosmic visions, especially protesting against the Berlin Wall. In Paris, the ´ye ye´ music and the songs by the famous Serge Gainsbourg invaded the radio stations. Of course, stars such as Françoise Hardy, Anna Karina and France Gall hypnotized the fans with they lyrical beauty whilst divos such as Jacques Dutronc impulsed the new beat and go-go sound, with a rocking spirit but “en français, s´il vous plaît”.


London, however, was a whole different story. Back then, the city known as ´Swinging London´ was an endless rock´n´roll party, with fashion, beat sounds, experimentation and drugs everywhere in the British capital. of course, the Rolling Stones were at the head in the battle of the bands, with Pink Floyd and Cream not far behind, as well as the constant appearance of The Beatles during their last few years and a certain Jimi Hendrix, who was starting to become a talking point outside his native USA.

During those romantic years, the beautiful London-born Jane Birkin met the great Serge Gainsbourg and they began a story of romance almost immediately on the set of the film Slogan, in which they both starred. Among the songs that they became famous for was the famous Je t´aime… moi non plus from 1969, which was also a shock for radio stations for its strong sexual content and the moans of Birkin herself. It was to be the beginning of a love story with plenty of ups and downs but an incredibly intense one, which was to end in the early 80s. A lot of music was left over from this love story; Gainsbourg composed many songs for Birkin, even after their separation. They also had a daughter together, Charlotte, now a famous actress and socialite.

Twenty years after Gainsbourg´s death, Jane Birkin is back on the stages to perform some of the best songs that Serge wrote for her. This time, she´ll be accompanied by a select number of Japanese musicians with which she will go on a brief European tour. Jane Birkin continues with the beauty, talent and vitality that characterize her and for the same reasons she still charms a crowd who want to see her again on stage. For more information on this concert by Jane Birkin in London, visit the official website of this formidable singer by clicking here:


Discover apartments in London city and enjoy this unique concert. Jane Birkin is still a fabulous singer and if you´re in London, this is a show that you simply cannot afford to miss.


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