The 2013 Life Ball in Vienna

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The grand gala

Vienna is one of the most elegant and majestic cities of Europe, and also one of the oldest, where the passage of time and modernity have not lessened its aristocratic appearance nor its great artistic heritage. The Austrian capital had no equal in terms of culture at the beginning of the 20th century, and it has a great musical tradition. For these reasons, there is perhaps no better setting to celebrate a grand gala in the style of those organized by the Viennese high society some two centuries ago.

The first Life Ball took place in 1993, under the initiative of the AIDS LIFE association for the fight against AIDS. The goal was to organize an event to attract the media´s attention to the disease, raise awareness of its importance, and to eliminate prejudices in society. This first edition was such a spectacular event and a great success that they were encouraged to repeat the event every year.


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The fight against AIDS

Today, the Life Ball has become one of the most important charity events in Europe for the fight against AIDS and one of the most important social events in Vienna, attended by famous people from all over the world. Thanks to its popularity and the donations that have been collected over the last two decades, some hundred international projects have been carried out to contribute to the prevention of disease, improve the quality of life of patients and help eliminate the taboos that still exist in many countries.

This year´s gala will be held the evening of May 25 in the magical setting of the Hofburg Imperial Palace. Located on the banks of the Danube, it is the residence of the Austrian president and served as the residence of the country´s monarchs for more than 600 years. In addition to being one of the major tourist attractions in Vienna, it also houses among its 2,600 rooms the Museum of Sissi.

Attending the ball, though, is not an easy task. Despite the not inconsiderable price of 2,500 euros for tickets, thousands of applications are received and yet only 350 guests will have the privilege of attending.

The lucky attendees, however, will enjoy a luxurious event. After a cocktail reception, there will be an auction featuring exclusive pieces designed by Roberto Cavalli. The gala dinner follows, with live performances to entertain the diners. And finally, the dance floor will be opened with the traditional discourse of the organizers, and the evening will extend into the wee morning hours.


Stars will abound

In previous editions, celebrities like Bill Clinton, Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova were in attendance. This year´s attendance list is as of yet still undisclosed. In any case, to ensure a night of great fun participants will come dressed in costumes that honor this year´s theme of A Thousand and One Nights. Prestigious names in the fashion world are already collaborating on costumes and decorations.



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