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Bloomsbury Festival in London

Among all the artistic offering from the fairs and the great commercial events, there´s a festival which offers a different approach to contemporary creation. That would be the Bloomsbury Festival, an event dedicated to cultural life in the broadest sense of the word, and in its most varied expressions which range from dance, to film as well as music, installations, theatre and performing arts. The Bloomsbury Festival takes place every year in October and it lasts only a week. Because of that, hurry! We recommend that you leave your apartments in London and come and enjoy a day dedicated to art and contemporary culture, choosing the creative language that you like the most. You won´t have to go far either, the event is concentrated in Central London and, if you like to walk, you can come from another location without using public transport. The Bloomsbury Festival is organized by ´Hidden Cities´, a small production company of events which created it and carried it out for the first time in 2006 and, since then, tries to guarantee the respect of very specific values in the organization of the festival, for example, social inclusion through art and the creative exploration in its surroundings.