Matinee New Year Party in Barcelona

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Everything is ready, and only a few days are missing to live the most exciting night of the year. Tickets are on sale and the clock has begun its countdown. The Matinée Winter Barcelona 2012 Festival is here! There are several ways to start the new year and to live a New Year´s Eve, but if you want to do it in style and experience a night that will stick in your mind for life, a celebration of Matinée group is what  you are looking fo.

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Matinée Group is no baby in the the subject of clubbing. The group has a tour of festivals across and throughout the world, in cities such as Milan, New York, Las Vegas or Rio de Janeiro. Their festivals are crowded and are very original. Other events they have organized are :La Leche! Festival, Matinee Summer Festival Circuit and of course, several editions of the Matinée Winter Festival.

This year the festival has changed its old location and will take place in a luxurious setting. The Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona will host the orgy of the year, which will deploy no more and no less than 500 000 watts of sound  and 800.000 watts light to accommodate over 120 artists and performances that will have you dancing , screaming and having fun non stop all night long. Thousands of people will be attending giving everything they have until the sun comes out

The deejays of the Matinée All Stars will play the best mixes of all musical styles. Inside the Palau Sant Jordi´s  the music sounds of Jose Luis Soler, Jonathan Gonzalez, Flavio DJ Lydia Sanz, among others will flood your ears with powerful beats

Not only music and lights that will get the crowd moving but eroticism and unthinkable extravagance will be served in fire shows, powerful choreography with over 50 dancers and the most original and ostentatious clothes your imagination can conjure. Artists of all types are willing to show off their bodies in a night of real sin. Every moment of the show is designed so that the spirit does not falter and we get carried away by the joy of the new year.

To attend Matinée Winter Festival 2012 we can buy normal tickets track at 35 euros including two drinks, or we can attend as kings if you buy a Golden Ticket entry. With the Golden pass you get to  enter the site from the VIP area without any cue. You will get near the stage and we can access special areas with different environments and Golden Pass  exclusive bars.

You can buy your tickets now or learn more about the festival at their official website:

Pedro Paterna Only-apartments AuthorPedro Paterna

If you want to greet the new year with a lusty night, renting apartments in Barcelona will be very useful to approach Palau Sant Jordi and rest after a New Years Eve that you will not easily forget.


Marc Only-apartments TranslatorTranslated by: Marc

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