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Berlin Festival: A Chance to Enjoy Modern Music in a Historical City

One of the main reasons for visiting Berlin is that it’s always bustling with energy. There is always some event or festival taking place in Berlin. It isn’t the type of place which needs an excuse to party. This passion for a party is nowhere as evident as in the numerous festivals, events, and parades occurring all year round. One such festival is the Berlin Festival.


The Berlin Festival has been held since 2009 at the location of the former Tempelhof Airport. This year, The Berlin Festival will be held at Tempelhof Airport on 7th and 8th September. Besides the main location, the festival will also be held at Club Xberg.

The lineup for the Berlin Festival 2012 has been confirmed. The Killers, the amazing combo from Las Vegas, will visit the Berlin Festival. After releasing 3 studio albums and making million sales, The Killers, will release their 4th album somewhere in 2012.

Kate Nash has also been confirmed to visit the Berlin Festival 2012. Kate Nash is ready to release her 3rd album after the success of her first 2 albums, Made of Bricks and My Best Friend is You. It has also been confirmed that Juniors Boys will be present at the festival and We Have Band will again make an appearance. An ex-member of Aeroplane, Stephen Fasano, has been confirmed to perform magic under the name of The Magician at Club Xberg.

Some other remarkable newcomers such as I Heart Sharks, Grimes, Friends, Sizarr, Etnik, and Michael Kiwanuka, are said to be present at this year´s Berlin Festival as well.

Junip was initially confirmed to appear at the Berlin Festival 2012, but they had to cancel their performance at short notice. They released a statement saying that they had originally planned to perform some songs from their 2nd album, but some unforeseen circumstances have prevented them from doing so. They have also apologized to their fans that had planned to go to their shows.

The organizers are again giving the festival full throttle about two weeks before the start of the festival. Except presenting the complete lineup, some other projects, have also been introduced, such as the Berlin Debate, which will take place during the Berlin Festival 2012 to discuss copyright.

Everyone will surely find something to enjoy with a wide range of music being played at the Berlin Festival, from Grimes to Nicole Jaar, from Little dragon to Kate Nash, from Major Lazer to Orbital. And this is only for Friday, there are many more artists coming on Saturday.

The two days of the festival are an excellent chance to see some very successful artists in a great musical environment, and to enjoy all that the beautiful and historic city of Berlin has to offer.