Nice with Children: Lunapark

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The French Riviera is synonymous with luxury, beautiful people, car rallies, casinos, millionaires and nights of debauchery. While there is that side, you can also find another more suitable to the needs of traveling families: one that’s more peaceful and where the traditional way of life of this ancient Mediterranean city reigns. Nice is full of artistic spots and great places to go with children. Let´s begin! 


The French Riviera: Nice


A favored destination of the European elite of the early twentieth century, Nice is more than its fifteen beaches with flashy names, the boardwalk adorned by more than five hundred palm trees (known as the Promenade des Anglais), its harbor and luxury shops.


There is a hidden side of Nice that unfolds through the old town which is laden with the memory of the artists from the past, who once found it a very good place to place their easels and typewriters. Chagall, Matisse and Picasso created much of their work here, which is reflected in the art scene with spaces such as the Matisse Museum and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Mamac) with works by Warhol and other international Pop Art artists.


Traveling with children: Lunapark


A colorful carnival, hidden palaces (Valrose or Mont Boron) and somewhat secret gardens are part of the charm of Nice. These are places that traveling families will enjoy with little ones. You won’t want to miss visiting the Phoenix Park and especially the Green Diamond, a large glass greenhouse located inside the park.


But the one place every young child will request to visit is Lunapark. It’s a very modern, indoor amusement park, and the only one of its kind in Europe.


It is located in the Conference Center of Nice and open during the Christmas holidays in the afternoon from 2 pm to 11 pm. On days like Christmas and New Year´s Eve it closes a little earlier (8 pm). On certain days they are closed.


The Lunapark of Nice


During these weeks, both young and old can enjoy themselves without worrying about rain or cold, because the park is covered. Inform yourself ahead of time about the prices, the best option is to buy the pass card which costs € 20 for adults and € 9.50 per child. This pass gives access to a limited number of attractions which are clearly outlined in the park’s information. To learn more, it’s best to visit the park’s website:


Attractions like the Turtle Train, Slides, Little Canyon, and bumper cars are options available to both locals and travelers spending Christmas in Nice. Be sure to check which attractions are most appropriate for the specific ages of your children. Nice’s Lunapark is like a giant fair, but in an enclosure adapted for the purpose. Spending an afternoon here is sure to delight both children and adults alike.

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