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Seville Marathon

There are many charming places in southern Spain, but there is a place that is able to steal your breath just with a glance at its streets, just with a blow of its warm air, this place is called Seville. The Andalusian capital is one of the few cities in Spain that is exotic and exciting at the same time and never fails to enchant its visitors with a hard to find beauty. Seville hosts countless trade shows and events including traditional celebrations as the Holy Week, one of the most famous religious events in Spain, which is held a week before Easter and that shows step by step, through a procession of wood sculptures, the passion of Christ. Two weeks after Easter, the famous April’s Fair begins. The fair adorns the city with its booths, dances and chants of Seville at the sound of guitars. But visitors to Seville not only visit this charming city because of its Holy Week, April’s Fair, Islamic architecture, flamenco, flamenco dancers, manzanilla, bulls and guitars, but also for its world famous Marathon. The 28th version of the Seville Marathon will take place on the 19th of February; an event that manages to bring together hundreds of professional and amateur athletes in a race where the joy of Seville and the warrior spirit of sportsmen are the main ingredients. Recognized by the Association of International Marathons and Road Races (AIMS), the Seville Marathon, takes its competitors around the most representative streets of the city, across the Guadalquivir River and touring the beautiful historic center. There are 42 kilometers of flat and fast road...

Babylon Idiomas Seville

Babylon Idiomas has homes in all Spanish cities (Seville, Barcelona, Madrid…) and Latin American cities (Buenos Aires, San José…) to learn Spanish.

La Giralda vs Torre Cajasol

Like in the second coming of the Lord of the Rings, ´The Two Towers´, in Seville, the most meaningful tower of the city and even of Andalucía, la Giralda, is threatened by a dark force. Its category of World Heritage Site could be taken away by the construction of another tower, Torre Cajasol.   During centuries, la Giralda was the tallest monument in Spain and, up until now, it still is in Seville. And I say up until now because, by 2012, it´s expected that Torre Cajasol, also known as Torre Pelli, the surname of the architect who came up with it, César Pelli, will be completed. This tower will be 584ft tall and, currently, a quarter of its total height is already built. This way, la Giralda, with its 320ft (331ft with el Giraldillo) would be the city´s tallest tower no longer. But not only is the honour of la Giralda in danger but the whole group of which it is part of: the Cathedral of Seville, the Alcázar and the General Archive of the Indies, declared National Heritage in 1928 and World Heritage in 1987. The ones who gave them this title also want to take it away. We´re talking about UNESCO. Two of its delegates, José Aguiar (from the UNESCO World Heritage Centre) and Elvira Petroncelli (from Icomos – The International Council of Monuments and Artistic and Historical Sites) visited the two towers to determine the visual impact that the skyscraper would have on the old town. Built in Aljarafe, although it doesn´t provoke a direct visual effect, it is a totally negative element for the...

Alamillo Park Seville

Located on the north part of Seville, next to the SE-30 motorway and the homonymous bridge, Alamillo Park is the most extensive green area of the Andalucian capital.

Aire de Sevilla

Aire de Sevilla is more than just an urban spa, because it´s located in the remains of a hammam, recovering the traditions of Arabic baths.