All About Redheads

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Mark Twain was a redhead and he said it best: While the rest of the species are descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats.
Love ´em or hate ´em, there is nothing quite like a redhead. Sometimes adored, occasionally feared, these misunderstood creatures are a breed apart. Here´s the skinny on gingers.


Everyone´s basic hair pigment is red

Yep, if you are one of the crueler types who make fun of our ginger friends, the joke´s on you. From the darkest African hair to the lightest Scandinavian hair, everyone is a redhead to the core. This is why you will occasionally see a brunette man growing a ginger beard. It´s also why a blonde who wants dark hair will need to dye his or her hair red before adding the brown.

Redheads handle pain differently to other people
Redheads process anaesthetics very quickly. This means that they are more at risk of waking up mid-surgery, are far more quick to wake up after being under general anaesthetic, and often need a higher dosage of local anaesthetic to numb the area. Redheads possess a gene called MC1R, which gives them a much higher pain thresh-hold than others. That means that if you want to hurt a redhead (and live), you better put more force into it than you would with a blonde or a brunette. On the other hand, redheads bruise more easily, so your handiwork will show much faster.

Redheads were once burnt at the stake
During the witch-hunts, red hair was seen as the mark of the devil, making redheads much more prone to being condemned and burned. Red hair was also assumed to result from an ´unclean´ pregnancy (meaning that a women fell pregnant during her period), and this alone was enough to result in the unfortunate ginger being burned alive. During the Middle Ages, red hair with green eyes was the sign of vampires and werewolves

Redheads have bad tempers
This one is debatable, but despite the (ironically loud and aggressive) protestations by redheads that this is a myth, the anthropologists aren´t so sure. During studies in which subjects were made angry, the heart rate and breathing rate of a redhead increased more often and more rapidly than their blonde or brunette counterparts. Whether this is in-born or whether a hot temper is caused by a lifetime of being teased about red hair, no-one is sure!

Red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination on the planet
While less than four percent of the world´s population have red hair (Scotland is the highest, at around ten percent), most of these have brown eyes. As both red hair and blue eyes are recessive genes, finding the two in combination is about as common as finding a four-leaf clover. Red hair and blue eyes occurs in less than one percent of the world population.


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  1. I´m a redhead with brown eyes. Like everywhere I just see those with blue or green eyes and have the red hair color. I have never seen a girl or a guy that have what i have. When I was visiting London I saw a girl with the same eyes and hair like me. Only one! But as I read was also Erin and Olivia same as me. Glad to know that there is more people that one yourself.

    Swedish Redhead 😀

  2. …This is wrong..
    Red heads and green eyes were thought to be witches, not vampires or werewolves and the rarest is red hair and green eyes.. not blue.

  3. To Olivia who posted in April 2012;
    I am a redhead and brown eyes so your not the only one I live. In Northwest Ar. I rarely see any redheads and brown eye too.

    To the person who set up this website;
    I do kind of a bad temper whenever someone calls me a soulless Ginger or just gets me made I am very sensitve physically, and mentally.

  4. I seem to see alot of green an blue eyed redheads. I agree with Lilly there should be a wide range servay excuse my spelling. IL redhead

  5. Hmm.. I think that redheads with blue eyes seem to be kind of common,although this is really judging off two friends and I, so I can’t really say that it is a widespread survey… Although, if that is true, GO REDHEADS WITH BLUE EYES AND RIDICULOUSLY PALE SKIN!!! (Me!).

  6. I’m a redhead and I have brown eyes but there aren’t many other redheads that I know of that have brown eyes. I see so many redheads with blue and green eyes that I didn’t find it too uncommon. I read somewhere that having red hair and brown eyes is an old Irish trait that is very uncommon now a days. I just found it interesting that red hair and brown eyes is common.

    With love,
    American Redhead

  7. SM says: Well, I know consider myself the luckiest man alive. I know the most beautiful, blue eyed red-headed lady in the world and when I say lady, I mean a real lady in every sense. Along with her stunning beauty, she is compassionate, she is thoughtful and sensitive, she is the kindest person that could ever walk this planet – especially to animals. In all the time I have known this lady, she has never displayed an adverse temper – quite the reverse. As a man, I always felt so very special when I was in her company. This red headed lady was the envy of many other women because of her red flowing locks and a smile of perfect white teath that could melt a man at 100 paces. If this wasn’t enough, she had the most striking blue eyes you could ever see. I am so lucky to know such an amazing red headed lady. Perhaps she does descend from a cat. The thought of red headed persons being burnt at the stake in olden times gives me absolute shivers.

  8. I thought redheads with green eyes were the most rare. I see blue eyed reds all the time but I am the only green eyed redhead I have ever personally met in my life. (not including photos I’ve seen online)

  9. Hey! the picture on top is beautiful. had to borrow for my own sight. Are looking for redheads and brunettes.. lots of fun information as well. nice with the “unclean period”. They had so manny strange ideas..
    have a nice weekend!
    love from norway