Regina Spektor in New York

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Two weeks before her latest album is put out for sale, this prodigy child (transformed into a successful and mature interpreter) of pop music today, , has scheduled a concert in New York that no self-respecting traveler should miss for anything in the world. The event is scheduled for May 15 and, despite the demand, tickets may still be available. The artist and the site where the concert takes place deserves a possible change of travel with destination to New York.

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Well, and why is that? First, the undisputed quality (if you do not know her you just will be delighted with the official video that I added below) of this gifted musician that is Regina Spektor. Born in Moscow in 1980 into a family dedicated to music (her mother is a teacher at an elementary school and her father plays the violin, but not professionally), at an early age she had mastered the rudiments of piano. With only nine years she arrives in the City of Skyscrapers where she completed her musical training at the conservatory. Like all young artists of the Web 2.0 era, her first albums (“11:11” and “Songs” of 2001 and 2002 respectively) were recorded on a small scale and under the desktop publishing format. The same has not happened with her sixth release which she now promotes, and at the same time delights her fans with this concert in New York. Under the title “What We Saw from the cheap seats”  comes a guaranteed success of an artist in full vocal maturity, after polishing the rough edges so characteristic of her early works.

Well, if a live Regina Spektor concert  is a unique opportunity to enjoy the best that art has to offer, the fact remains the venue for the event. Located in Broadway, where a theater after another is found at 175th Street Theatre, the United Palace Theatre, also known as the Loew´s you will find an old building, and an old theater, which combines religious services with a concert hall. And not just because of this  peculiarity , but also because of its variegated, eclectic mix of all possible artistic styles from different corners of the planet is a visual wonder. Not surprisingly the construction in 1930, with the throes of Art Deco so characteristic of New York skyscrapers, is now protected by local authorities. here, on May 15 the Regina Spektor the concert will take place. Tickets can be purchased online via the following link where a virtual community leverages social media to entertain your diva:

Candela Vizcaíno Only-apartments AuthorCandela Vizcaíno

The City of Skyscrapers deserves one, two and three visits. Some have succumbed to its charms and no longer move away from its streets. Whatever your case is , remember that the supply of rental apartments in New york is overwhelming. They´re like movies.


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