Riga’s Nightlife

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For many travelers, a diverse and lively nightlife is an important part of their trip. There are many cities that have great cultural offerings but lack much to do other than eat and sleep once the sun goes down and the museums and shops close. The city of Riga is different. It’s a tourist destination that has little in common with others in Western Europe or even the East, countries like the Czech Republic and Poland, for example. It has managed to retain its uniqueness and has not fallen victim to the negative aspects of tourism, such as high prices and sameness.


Affordable prices

Latvia has not yet entered the Euro and retains its own currency, the lat, which means that prices have not risen like they have a bit in neighboring Estonia. Riga is known for many things, but especially for its nightlife. The best part is that this city offers something for everyone, from lively pubs where you can drink a few beers with friends to more exclusive bars and cocktail lounges.

Cocktails with a view

Regarding the latter, there’s one place which is just about an obligatory stop: the Skyline Bar. This bar lives up to its name, since it is located on top of the Radisson Blu Hotel. It’s a great place to start the evening, and you can choose from around 100 cocktails on the menu. Have a seat in one of the sofas or cushioned seats and enjoy the bar’s privileged nighttime view of Riga, a view that makes this place one of the most spectacular bars in Eastern Europe. Address: Elizabetes str. 55

The best party in the Orange Bar

If you prefer really lively places, you’ll be interested to hear that Riga has become a popular destination for British stag parties. If this appeals to you, simply go to one of the many Irish pubs in the Old Town. Simply put, Riga offers an alternative scene worthy of any European capital. The Orange Bar is one of the most popular, where the party intensifies as the night continues. It’s the kind of place where you might get weird looks if you’re dressed up too much. To hear DJs play the latest and most popular hits of the alternative scene, visit the Orange Bar on Friday and Saturday. You’ll find it at Jana Seta, 5, in the Old Town.


Clubs for everyone

And lastly, it would be a crime not to enjoy the many clubs that are in Riga. Like the bar scene, there is something for all tastes and all colors. Essential is, as its name says, a must. It may well be the best nightclub in the Latvian capital, and it has top-rate DJs, electronic music and a crowd that’s eager to party. Check out their three different rooms while you enjoy your cocktail. If you like electronic music, this is your destination (Skolas iela 2, New Town). If you prefer a mixture of music, Pulkvedim neviens neraksta (Peldu iela 26-28, Old Town) is one of the most veteran clubs where you can hear everything from hip-hop to rock and dance on two floors. And finally, a compromise: The Club (Kungu str., 8). This club attracts all kinds of people who come together to enjoy a wide variety of music, from electronic or pop-rock to hip-hop.

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