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Halloween New York

In the festive calendar of all places on earth, there´s always a day which indicates the end of the harvests and the beginning of the winter cold. During the centuries of the domination of the Roman Empire, they did a special festivity in Europe, but it was the enigmatic Celtic people, those who searched for knowledge inside the forests, who would make of the season of the end of the harvests a spectacular celebration, relating it to worshipping and the spirits from beyond. Although the Catholic Church tried to silence these pagan manifestations with the installing of All Saints´ Day and the following Day of the Dead, on the 1st and 2nd of November respectively, in Ireland they carried on doing this singular carnival which mixes the darkness of winter, witches and the souls of the dead.


The Irish immigrants brought Halloween to the United States where it was celebrated for the first time in 1840, but it wasn´t until 1921 when it acquired the popular nature which it has today. Now, Halloween celebrations have landed strongly all over Europe, but if there´s a place where it has unique popular and spectacular nature that is, undoubtedly, New York.


Every 31st of October, a parade takes place is this cosmopolitan megalopolis in which hundreds of thousands of people who arrive from all over the country and all over the world participate. From Sixth Avenue, all those who want to join the parade (it´s mandatory to be in appropriate fancy dress) can do so, both in a group and individually, where 32 orchestras, huge carriages and a crowd of all ages and conditions will also be there. The starting time is 6.30pm.


Remember that this city will be full on these days, and the best thing to do is to book some apartments in New york with plenty of time, where you´ll be able to give the finishing touches to the fancy dress and relax after the parade. Trick or treat?