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#3travelingredients: Discover the perfect travel destination for you!

How many times have you had great expectations towards a trip, but had no idea of where to go or which destination to pick?

To help you decide on the perfect destination for your next holiday, we have come up with this hashtag: #3travelingredients. Using this hashtag you tell us the 3 things that are absolutely indispensable for your trip and we will reply with the ideal destination for your next adventure.


How it works?

All you need to do is tweet: #3travelingredients plus the 3 most important elements your trip should include.

We will reply with the travel destination that best reflects your wishes.


Why 3?

3 is the symbol for perfection and we want your trip to be perfect.


Why ‘ingredients’?

Because organizing a trip is a little bit like preparing a cake. It requires love, patience and passion.


Here is an example:

#3travelingredients sun, culture, freedom = Barcelona


Well, would you like to give our #3travelingredients a try?