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5 Leaves Restaurant New York

Heath Ledger, before he died, had a dream and that was to open a café in New York that, sadly, he wouldn´t see, but with state funding, 5 Leaves finally opened its doors to the public. This place is a casual one with vibes that reminisce of small town bars where the owner and the waitresses know the clients and treat them more like friends than clients.


The place, which is in a triangular space, has a classic decoration with wood and a bar where you can eat on the go quickly without wasting much time, although it also has tables if you want to sit down, where you can listen to background music and relax with friends.


The restaurant is interesting and it attracts a lot of people, not only because it´s a beautiful place with a great atmosphere, but also because the dishes that it presents are exquisite. If we add to this the fact that the prices are affordable, it´s understandable why it has so much success.


If you want to get to know 5 Leaves, all you have to do is rent apartments in New york and, also, get to know one of the world´s most important cities.