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5 Burro Cafe Restaurant New York

If you like places with a relaxed atmosphere where you can go with family or friends to have a nice time laughing and relaxing, one of the best places in New York to do so is 5 Burro Cafe. The speciality of this place is to create the most exquisite Mexican cuisine and, also, the country´s most typical drinks.


The atmosphere is friendly and the waiters and owners have the intention that all cleints can have a great time and, above all, have fun. The dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients that, on many occasions, are brought from Mexico to make it as similar as possible.


5 Burro Cafe has a patio that you can enjoy during the hottest times of the year, and where you´ll be able to listen to music and have a nice time drinking the most delicious beers and drinks.


Around the world it´s known that Mexican food is, traditionally, very spicy. For many this is a problem but in 5 Burro Cafe they know that and, for this reason, they have many milder dishes that you can order if you don´t like spicy food.


If you want to get to know a place in the United States where you can eat like if you were in Mexico, rent apartments in New york