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Zona Este

Zona Este is a shopping centre in the city of Sevilla that has many services to meet the expectations of the clients and make them feel as assured and comfortable as possible. It´s a place to go with the family and to relax. The tourists choose to visit this shopping centre on those rainy days of winter or when they need a days rest from so many monuments and museums in Sevilla.


Even though it´s not very modern, it´s age endorses its experience and today it´s still a successful shopping centre with thousands of shops of all types like clothes, cosmetics, perfume and footwear among others. It also has a joint cinema and, because of that, it´s one of the favourites among the young ones because while the parents shop they can go to the cinema to watch the latest film in 3D.


Inside the shopping centre there are also fast food places and one can choose to go and eat wherever they like the most. The offering goes from pizzerias to small breweries up to first class restaurants where one can sit down, relax and enjoy a nice meal.


.If you´re in the city because you got Seville accommodation and you don´t know where to go one day to take a break from the city, visit the shopping centre Zona Este because there you´ll find a warm place with a nice atmosphere that will meet all your expectations and much more.