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AJA Restaurant New York

Asian food is in fashion around the world. Eating some delicious stir fries, sushi, or different and exotic dishes is today a very popular choice by cosmopolitan people with open minds. For that reason, in New York, one of the most important and diverse cities in the world, there are so many restaurants that present this type of cuisine.


One of the best ones is AJA, where not only the food options are exquisite but also the decoration that accompany them. Inside there´s a big statue of Buddha, a lot of bamboo, and fish tanks on the third floor. For all of these reasons, the place is incredibly busy by people who are around the age of 30 and want to meet people with their same style who want to have fun.


The menu presents the traditional sushi which includes the typical tuna rolls for those who don´t really like to eat raw salmon. It also has caviar and different cheeses that are used in this culture.


So, if you consider yourself a person who wants to get to know different cultures, meet some people who have the same vibe as you, eat the most exquisite dishes from Asia and, also, get to know a great city, you just have to rent apartments in New york