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La Buganvilla

There are many restaurants in Madrid that present traditional dishes from the region but that doesn´t mean that all of them do it properly. One of the more interesting ones where you can eat incredibly exquisite dishes for around 40 euros is La Buganvilla.


La Buganvilla is a dining room situated in one of the most beautiful and stylish streets in the Spanish capital. The specialities are Mediterranean food in general and any dish with rice and they´re the ones which are the most asked for and with the best reputation. The ingredients which are used are all fresh of the day and the paella of La Buganvilla is one of the best in Madrid.


The restaurant consists of a big area and then, many other smaller ones that, most of the times, are used by groups of people that meet or simply by people who want to it in a more relaxed way.


The place is decorated in a maritime theme and nautical decoration accompanies the exquisite dishes that contain fish, which is also another speciality of the place.


If you want to visit one of the most important restaurants in Europe you can get Madrid accommodation and enjoy some of the best dishes.