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Alkimia Restaurant Barcelona

Alkimia isn´t just a normal and common restaurant. As well as being in one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Spain and Europe, it also presents food as an art. Actually, ´al-kimia´ means ´art´ in Arabic and, from the kitchen, they give it a unique feeling.


The idea behind this restaurant in Barcelona is to present exquisite dishes through the knowledge of nature, with a lot of feeling. In Alkimia you´ll not just be able to eat the most traditional Mediterranean food, but also exquisite dishes from around the world. In fact, there´s a menu every day which is modified where you´ll be able to enjoy snacks before your meal, starter, main course, second course (where you can choose between meat or fish) and, also, dessert. All at a reduced price.


Jordi Vilà is a renown chef that has as his main intention to preserve the creative culinary values with a great projection from what is the new Spanish cuisine movement. In fact, he won a Michelin star for the best cake baker in 2005.


If you want to visit Alkimia and enjoy delicious dishes created by Vilà, you can rent apartments in Barcelona and, also, visit a beautiful European city with plenty of culture.