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Cal Pep Restaurant Barcelona

If you like innovation when going to eat out and you´re in Barcelona, the best you can do is to visit Cal Pep. Why? Because this place doesn´t respect the traditional order of starter, main course and dessert, but it has a much fresher and alive way like few restaurants in the city.


The chef and owner´s of Cal Pep´s idea is that the restaurant is famous for having a simple and quick cuisine format. For this reason, the owner of the restaurant will allow all of its clients to enjoy fresh, quick, simple and exquisite dishes.


Inside you´ll find typical Mediterranean dishes elaborated with products from the same origin as the dishes. This means that you´ll be eating a meal with the exact same taste that it has in its original place.


That´s how you´ll be able to eat and enjoy the best fish, mussels and other shellfish among, of course, other dishes that are equally as nice. Always with a personal touch by Pep, the chef.


If you want to enjoy a simple but innovative restaurant which is equally as exquisite, you can rent apartments in Barcelona and, also, get to know a city full of shows and beauty.